Upholstered furniture

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson 06 :Furniture

Upholstered furniture

The term upholstery refers to the materials and techniques used in the covering and stuffing of furniture (Fig.6.22). Use of different materials for upholstered furniture is a comparatively recent development in furniture design.

Buyer should see good workmanship, construction and quality of material beneath the outside covering, as well as in the positions that are easily seen. There are several parts to examine in case of upholstered furniture, like the frame, seat, welting, seam, webbing, springs, stuffing/ filling, fabric, braiding, tacks, nails and pins.

A wide range of furniture items are available in the market. There are branded ones, there are made-to-order varieties and there are locals who come and make them as per orders. Therefore it becomes necessary to equip oneself about these to make wise choices to suit their budget without losing aesthetic and comfort properties


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