Characteristics of Furniture

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson 06 :Furniture

Characteristics of Furniture

  1. Traditional Indian carpenters still use the simplest tools and follow the style of their ancestors in designing furnitures..
  2. Usually use dark-colored wood for furniture pieces of intricate carving and inlay
  3. Bulky and heavy pieces which are hand-made using only wood nails, pegs and mortise & tenon joinery are the symbol of durability and elegance
  4. Indian craftsmen fashion timber to make elegant, durable, furniture.
  5. Use of ivory and mother of pearl inlay adorn various furniture pieces of royal families or of high socio-economic households.
  6. Lacquered furniture are colorful and beautiful with intricate motifs.
  7. Indian craftsmen also like to work on specific patterns; many people in India commission pieces to their own design.
  8. Furnitures are made mainly from sesame, a very durable and dense hardwood which has beautiful grains with color variations.
  9. Some of the furniture is complemented by hand forged iron work known as Jali, enhancing the natural and traditional look of the wood.
  10. Space saving and ergonomically designed furniture are presently popular and is the need of the day.

Modern modular space saving furniture

Modular furnitures are lightweight- wood, metal or plastic, easy to assemble and can be arranged into a choice of dgdflexible, space-efficient configurations. Vertically configurable units are valuable as space –savers. It provides optimal storage for example regular or extra-wide modular furnishings that stack, fold, nest and serve multiple purposes are ideally suited to small-space living, and there is plenty to choose. Included are beds for sitting and sleeping; cubes that hold books or clothing but also can be stacked to make a nightstand (Fig 6.23) or room divider, ottomans with storage inside that can be used as a tabletop or for seating, and occasional tables that open into dining-room tables.

One can opt for contemporary space-savers also. Local companies offer wall units that can be used for keeping ghgfutensils, crockery or any decora items. The unit comes with a board that can be used as a breakfast table. There are also roll down shelves available in the market, which get folded within even though the depth of the unit is less. Specialized furnitures can also be disassembled, reassembled, moved around and stored

Multipurpose furniture

In a small bedroom, the bed can be fitted with a lap desk, clip-on lamp and back rest to be used for studying as well as sleeping. A trunk on wheels can be rolled around the room for use as a table, TV stand or extra seating(Fig 6.24). Desk organizers and shelving units add to desk space. Shoe-bag and other style storage units that hang behind' doors (including closet doors) utilize space that would otherwise be wasted. Armoires with fold out desks double as storage for clothing and workspace. A small dresser or chest makes for a bedside table that doubles as storage space for anything from books to bed linen. Workstations, entertainment centers and storage cabinets designed for corners make use of what otherwise might be a dead space in a small room or apartments

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