Dress making shears

Lesson 2 : Sewing Equipment and Tools

Dress making shears

Dress making shears are heavy duty scissors which are designed specifically with the needs of seamstresses in mind.

The distinguishing feature of dressmaker's shears is that the handle is offset from the blades, allowing them to be used to cut fabric against a flat surface without distortion. In shears, one of the finger rings is typically larger than the other. In industrial terms, the finger rings on scissors and shears are known as “bows”. The large bow of a shear is usually on the side of the blade which points towards the floor when in use. The length of the blade varies from 25 to 30 cm.

The edges of dressmaker's shears are typically ground with a beveled edge and they are extremely sharp. It is important to keep shears, sharp to avoid mangling of the fabric, as specially while cutting multiple layers of fabric at a time for efficient cutting.

Dressmaker's shears are not symmetrical, as they are available in both right and left-handed versions to facilitate comfortable use. It is important to use dressmaker's shears which are engineered for dominant hand, as it reduces the risk of injury and makes work more comfortable. It is also a good idea to try out a pair of shears before use, to make sure that they are comfortable in handling. Shears are available in different materials from heavy brass to very light weight materials. Some have rivets at the crossing of two blades.

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