General Tools

Lesson 2 : Sewing Equipment and Tools

General Tools

Pin Cushion: Pin cushions are useful to store needles before and after they are removed from the fabric. They can be made at home by using soft fabric and filling it with hair instead of cotton wool. Some pin cushions have an emery pack for cleaning and sharpening pins and needles, and some cushions can fit on the wrist for handy use. Pin cushions are available in a variety of styles like a tomato pin cushion, a wristband pin cushion and magnetic type. ff
Awl: It is a small, sharp-pointed tool used to punch small, round holes for marking in paper or leathers
Loop Turner: It is a long wire with a latch hook, used for turning bias strips to make spaghetti straps and narrow belts.
Bodkin: It is used for drawing elastic, cord or ribbon through a fabric casing. They are basically large needles with large eyes meant for easy threading.
Orange- stick: This is a long tool whose point can be inserted into the corners of collars, seams, etc., so as to give a neat pointed appearance.

Stiletto: This is a pointed metal with a wooden handle and is used to make eyelet holes or openings.

Dress Form: It is a padded form of body and may be made of wood, cardboard, plaster, reinforced plastic. It is an essential necessity in all sample rooms for designing and fitting.



Cutting board or table: A table of convenient height and size is a definite aid in cutting and constructing garments. 5’ x 3’ is a desirable size with 2’ x6” height.

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