Window treatments

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


Window treatments

Windows are really a decorating opportunity for setting a mood and style. Window treatments can cover faults, create illusions, may also become a focal point. The mood set by window can be quiet, reserved, luxuriously formal, contemporary and an opportunity for addition of classically charming Window treatments can offer large units of color, texture and styling in a room.

There are a number of window treatments to enhance the beauty of the windows and the whole room. One can hang under curtains (glass curtains) or over draperies or both: lowered shutters, window shades in a choice of roller, traditional or modern styles to roll up and down. The treatment can be short or long; the material sheer or opaque, lined or unlined, plain or patterned and the decorative effect may be enhanced by ornamental rods, valences, swags.etc.

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