Upholstery furnishings

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


Upholstery furnishings

Sofa/Slip covers

Sofa/Slip covers are the covers, fitted over the upholstered sofas, chairs, stools, Divans etc. which can be removed, dusted and cleaned for reuse. The covers may be designed to the floor level with a pleated, gathered or tailored, fixed under the chairs with help of touch and close fasteners.

Slip covers are used to cover the original upholstery or even to give a different appearance to the room. So the slip cover fabrics must harmonize with the scheme of the room like pattern, texture, color, and bring in emphasis for the entire room. The fabric of cover slip needs to be easy for maintenance.


Cushions are used as comforters for chairs, sofa and over divans. They add color pattern and texture for the decoration. They can be designed to fit the seat or can be used as scatter cushions.


Bolsters are usually used with divans and beds. Bolsters are elongated pillows which stretch to the width with two circular ends of the bed/ divan. The filling may be feather, foam or plastic with the cover material matching or contrasting with other furnishings in the room.

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