Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)



Curtains refer to all fabric sewn into soft folds that is used for window coverings. The intimate connection between curtain and window suggests that they are best when related to the architectural components of an interior. They must be proportioned to the window, to the wall of the window and to the volume of the interior. The fabric and necessary hardware must be appropriate for the curtains, otherwise the curtains will sag. The design of a curtain can adversely affect the scale of the window and conse­quently, the scale of the wall and of the whole interior.

Curtain proportions and styles

Curtain proportions and stylesCurtain styles change, but basic curtain proportioning, however, does not change. Width-to-height and part-to-part proportions must be con­sidered when designing them. The different styles of hanging curtains are depicted in fig.9.6. If a decorative treatment is added to the basic curtain like a swag, lambrequin, valance, trimming, or the like - the sizes of these must be decided based on the proportions of the parts as they relate to the size of the whole

  1. The curtain hangs from ceiling to floor and covers the entire width of the window
  2. The curtain hangs from the top of the window casing to the floor.
  3. The curtain hangs from the top of the window casing to cover the apron.
  4. The curtain hangs within the window casing, exposing all of the trim.

Skills to acquire:

l Real skill is needed to make curtains, skill that might be similar to that needed to make the best clothing. Fabric that hangs must be treated differently than fabric that lays over another component. The measuring, cutting, seaming, gathering, or pleating; the inner linings, facings, and weighting; and finally the hanging of curtains require time, care, and attention to minute detail. Consideration to all these points is very much essential in order to have a good end result i.e a neat and aesthetically pleasing effect and the very purpose of using curtains.

Beauty in interiors depends mostly on the amount of curtains and draperies used and the way they are placed. Curtains and draperies can be made in number of ways to suit one’s personality, need and the requirement of a room

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