Difference between curains and draperies

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


Difference between curains and draperies

Basic curtains and drapes are straight panels of fabric. Variations are created by the way the window treatment hangs from the curtain rod or the mounting board. Many people use the terms curtains and drapes synonymously.
are usually of lighter weight fabric and are not always lined. They typically hang from stationary curtain rods and have gathered smocked or ruffled headings. However, curtains are mostly used in kitchens and bedrooms because they tend to be more casual than draperies.

Draperies are more tailored, formal window treatments and are often found in entrance, living and dining rooms. They feature pleated, smocked or gathered headings and typically hang from drapery hooks on traversing rods. The drapes are opened or closed with pull cords at the outside edge of the window. Comparatively draperies are heavier than curtains

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