Characteristics Of Management In Home

Characteristics Of Management In Home

Some of the important characteristics of management in families are explained here.

  1. Management universal to every family: Each and every family has a wide range of resources. But no two families will have the same quality and quantity of resources. Every family is compelled to manage the available resources to achieve its goals and derive maximum satisfaction for its family members.

  2. The quality of management varies from one family to another: The quality of management of resources depends on the intelligence, abilities and skills of the home manager along with the availability of resources and the size of the family. Hence it is essential for the home manager to empower themselves with better skills, abilities and knowledge of management to achieve best results and maximum satisfaction.

  3. Management in home is pervasive to every aspect of family living: Management influences and is influenced by every aspect of the family as a whole and its individual members. It influences the use of both material resources like money and abilities to achieve happiness, desires and also aspirations of all family members.

  4. Management has the responsibility of transferring the skills to younger members of the family: The skills of management process used by the elders in the family or the home manager are usually observed by the children in the family during critical situations. Children pickup these skills of management process and apply them in their life styles. Hence it is essential for the home maker to learn good management skills and use them in day to day family living.

  5. Home management is a process for democratic decision making: The home manager or the elders take decisions in collaboration with the family members. Democracy is the essential ingredient of management in families. The decisions on any aspects taken in the family should be supported by all its members for achieving the satisfaction and happiness. It highlights the importance of group decisions over the individual decisions.

  6. Management in family is the process of achieving family goals by utilizing the resources: This is nothing but the art of management. The family always sets goals to achieve and works towards the achievement of these goals and uses the available resources. All family members work in coordination and cooperation for attaining family goals as in the case of any managerial situation.

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