Meaning And Importance Of Resources

Lesson 17 : Resources

Meaning And Definition Of Resources

Resources can be defined as the means which are available and recognized for their potential in meeting demands. Means are those things which are instrumental in reaching the desired ends (Maloch and Decan).

Similarly Betty B. Swanson defined resources as tangible and intangible components which one uses to achieve goals, objectives and to meet demands.

According to Random House Dictionary of the English language, ‘resource’ is a source of supply, support or aid, especially one holds in reserve” and “has the capability in dealing with a situation or in meeting difficulties”

Nickel et al (1976) defined resources as “the assets that can be used to accomplish goals”. The three important words are ‘assets’, ‘used’ and ‘goals’ that play an important role in the identification of resources. Assets are the monetary items such as money, savings, income or personal property having exchange value. All resources have the use and resources are used to achieve the set goals by the family.

Gross, Crandall and knoll stressed the availability of resources by defining them as they are those available means which are used for reaching goals and meeting demands.

Deacon and Firebaugh defined the resources as ‘they are the supply reservoir for use in the system’s specific action and are necessary in some form to solve every management problem.

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