Human Resources

Lesson 17 : Resources

Classification Of Resources

1. Human Resources:

Human resources are less tangible and can be easily determined. These resources are used for productive purpose. They Originate internally and constitute the personal characteristics and attributes. Human resources cannot be utilized independently of the individual. These are the resources available to you as a person you have become, in terms of education, occupational status, skills, attitude, traits, and other personal characteristics.

Knowledge has no ends and is acquired at every step. In the home it can be selecting right and proper food at proper time of the year. The home maker should be alert in knowing the new ways of managing her household.

Abilities are inherent and they can also be acquired during life time through education and concious efforts. Skills are the ways of doings things or works perfectly. Skills and abilities range from cooking, knitting, interior decoration to creating art.

Attitudes and interests help in achieving the goals comfortably and make the person unique irrespective of caste, creed and status. All other human resource decides how effectively one utilizes the time resource.

Energy is needed to each and every task or activity. It is needed to carryout the vital physiological and metabolic activities such as breathing, blood circulation, digestion etc. It is very important to use energy effectively for the attainment of goals.

The human resources of any individual are clearly both interrelated and interdependent.

Example: The increased knowledge may increase one’s confidence to move ahead quickly or make one aware of the risks and be cautious than before.

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