Identifying The Alternative

Lesson 23 : Decision Making Process

Identifying The Alternatives

Once the problem is correctly identified and analysed, then one should seek information on the relevant alternatives. Effective decision making occurs when all the alternatives are identified. This will enable to make the best selection. Many times after a decision is made and implemented, one would say ‘I did not think of other alternative at the time of decision making. Had I thought of that and implemented, it would have worked better. Hence, identification of all possible alternatives will help to make a wise decision.

Example :

  • Selection of subjects for college.
  • Selection of life partner
  • Selection of career

Wise decision is most essential here as these are the situation where decisions cannot be reversed. n analyzing alternatives one should have thorough knowledge about the available resources and their limitations. Factors such as awareness, willingness, intelligence, creativity, and resourcefulness of the individual are influential. within the time available other resources like energy, money etc. One would always get information about all alternatives before a decision is made on purchase of consumer goods or assets for the family.

Unless we identify possible alternatives we cannot make a logical, thoughtful, and reasonable decision. As we began to select the college or university that we like to attend we should consider several as possible choices. In so doing, we are identifying the alternatives.

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