Methods Of Evaluation

Lesson 29 : The Management Process In Family Living-Evaluating

Methods Of Evaluation

Like controlling evaluation can be done by two main methods.

  1. Budgetary methods
  2. Non budgetary methods.
  1. Budgetary Method: The type of budgets which can help a homemaker in evaluation are following:

    • Profit and Loss Account: These accounts help a homemaker in assessing her monetary results at the end of a specific period. If the balance sheet shows the profit or positive deviation it means that she has managed to save whereas loss points at the negative deviation in the accounts. This can help her in evaluating her achievements.
    • Net worth Statement: This statement is also used to evaluate the results. The increase in the net worth shows the rise in the standard of living of the family. However, if the net worth of a family is decreasing, it indicates the lowering of standard of living for that family.

  2. Non Budgetary Methods: Like control, evaluation can also be done by methods other than the budgetary ones. Some of such methods useful for the homemaker are following:

    • Summary Reports: These are the descriptive reports at the end of the execution of the plan to assess qualitatively the results of the process. It shows the quality of goals achieved i.e. their worth.
    • Checklists: They are used for evaluation as they are used for control. However for evaluation, checklists are used at the end of the process to assess the results
    • Personal Observations: Similar to control they are used most often by the homemaker at the end of the process to determine the results or the level of satisfaction it has brought
    • Records: Household records help homemaker in evaluating the results as they help her controlling the performance. They can be both short term as well as long term records. These help in evaluating the total economic performance of the family and assessing its net worth.
    • Other Techniques Like Audit and PERT: Though these methods are not used by homemakers but are very important evaluation techniques, usually applied in bigger and more complex organizations.

Evaluation is the generally accepted principles that every one should strive to secure increasingly satisfying results with the resources at hand. It is the core of management- a specific device toward that end. The homemakers use all the resources of the family, its functions, equipment, information as well as its members to attain their goals. These functions cannot be separated into watertight compartments. Every homemaker uses these functions in varying degrees for the success of management.

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