Controlling The Energy Plan

Lesson 45 : Management Process Applied To Energy Expenditure

Controlling the Energy Plan

Once the work plan in the use of energy is ready, the problem of how to implement it arises. The answer to this lies in the understanding and awareness of certain techniques related to body mechanics, work simplification, etc.

Motivation plays an important role in carrying out all activity plans, including those having to do with energy management. We have seen that high motivation makes more energy available for the tasks at hand, and helps control fatigue costs resulting from work.

Developing skills in fitting activities of daily living into the minutes and hours of the day conserves emotional and physical energy and stimulates greater efficiency in work. Skills of this kind lead to greater mental flexibility in the management of energy and in carrying out activity plans. Work simplification, the effective use of the body in housework and the skillful performance of homemaking tasks are the tools enable a homemaker to conserve time and energy so that more energy will be available for other interests and activities

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