Evaluating The Energy Used

Lesson 45 : Management Process Applied To Energy Expenditure

Evaluating The Energy Used

Asking oneself the following questions will help to evaluate success in utilizing one's store of energy:

  • Do I think of the use of energy in terms of the goals I wish to attain?
  • Do the energy costs of any homemaking tasks seem too high?
  • Am I using my energy effectively?
  • Have I worked out a well-balanced energy-spending pattern for both my homemaking and my other activities?
  • Do I often lengthen my work day in order to finish certain tasks?
  • What homemaking activities do I like best?
  • What do I dislike? Why do I dislike these activities?
  • How can I change my attitudes toward these activities?
  • What tasks are most tiring? Why?
  • Do I tire easily?
  • Do I recognize the type of fatigue I frequently experience?
  • Does it make me want to stop working?
  • What can I do to relieve fatigue?
  • Do I use effective methods of work to avoid fatigue?
  • Have I learnt to relax and rest?

An analysis of the answers to above questions would help a home-maker to evaluate whether she managing her energy resource properly or not.

To summarize, we can say that in order to carry out the work in home, time and energy are the two important resources. They are limited in both quantity and quality, but the study of energy is more complex than that of time. Since the amount of energy possessed by each person is different, while performing the household work, one should be very careful to plan it in such a way so that more work is achieved within the limited amount of available time and energy. Peak loads, work curves, rest periods and work simplification are the tools involved in the management of work time.

4. Work simplification is the most important tool which not only is helpful in an industry but a very useful tool for a homemaker and more for a gainfully employed home maker, who has to make use of the simplest , easiest and quickest method for doing work.

5. For managing energy, one has to keep body parts aligned, use muscles effectively and also work has to be done rhythmically keeping in mind the centre of gravity and momentum. while managing energy one must become aware and must also understand the types , causes and remedies for fatigue.

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