Guinea grass

(Panicum maximum)

Guinea grass-Field view

Guinea Grass - Guineapull:

  • Guinea grass is indigenous to tropical Africa. It is a tall (1-4.5 m), tufted and fast growing highly palatable perennial grass. It has short creeping rhizome. Establishes readily by seed or plantation of rooted slips. Crude protein ranges from 4 to 14%.
  • Season and Variety
    • Hamil, PPG -14, Makuni, Rivers-dale are some of the varieties. Co1 and Co2 are varieties of guinea grass released by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Green Panic (P.maximum var. trichoglume) is a botancial variety of guinea grass. Petrie is a common variety of green panic.
    • The cultivation practices for the varieties Co1 and Co2 are presented here.
    • Co1 variety can be grown throughout the year under irrigated conditions. Suitable for growing in the monsoon season under rainfed condition. Co2, a recently released variety by TNAU is a cross derivative of Co1 x Centenario. Co2 yields green fodder upto 270 t/ha/year.
  • Soil
    • All types of soil with good drainage. Does not come up well on heavy clay soil or flooded or waterlogged conditions.
    • Plough 2 to 3 times to obtain a good tilth and form ridges and furrows at 50 cm spacing.
  • Manuring
    • Basal: FYM 25 tonnes/ha ; NPK 50 : 50 : 40 kg/ha
    • Top dressing: 25 kg N/ha after each cut.
  • Seed Rate: Seed 2.5 kg/ha , Slips 66,000 nos./ha
  • Spacing: 50 x 30 cm
    • First hoeing and weeding on 30th day after germination. Earthing up once in three harvests.
  • Irrigation once in ten days or depending upon soil condition
  • Plant protection generally not needed
    • First cut 75- 80 days after germination or 45 days after planting of slips. Subsequent cuts at intervals of 45 days.
  • Storage fed to cattle as green fodder or ensilaged
  • Yield of green fodder
    • 175 tonnes /ha per year in 8 cuts.
    • Guinea grass can be intercropped with Hedge Lucerne (Velimasal) at 3:1 ratio and can be harvested together and fed to the animals.
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