• Scarcity  of  feeds may  result  due  to  either  floods  or  droughts.  During 1986-87, 75% of the  cultivated area in India  was  severely affected due  to  drought  and  the  remaining 25% due  to  floods. 
  • Even  during normal  years,  there  is  shortage  of  animal  feeds  to  the tune  of  60% or more
  • Ruminants,  owing  to their larger  body  size, need  huge quantity  of feed   dry  matter.  They  need  bulky  and  fibrous  feeds.  Roughages  are natural  feeds  for ruminants. 
  • However, roughages are usually not  available  in  adequate  quantity during  scarcity.  During  the scarcity  it  is important  to find  out the  roughage  substitute which will  be  helpful in  providing minimum roughage  requirement of  animals.
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