Benefits of panchakavya


  • In the preliminary research conducted by Rural Community Action Centre, headed by Dr. K. Natarajan, it is said that the following benefits were realised by the use of Panchakavya. His findings have been validated by some of the research institutes in the country.
  • Seeds can be soaked and seedlings can be dipped in 3% solution of Panchakavya for about 30 minutes before sowing to get good results from the crops.
  • Various cereal crops, such as rice, maize, vegetables such as brinjal, bhendi, fruit crops like mango, banana, guava, cash crops like sugarcane, turmeric, jasmine and moringa and plantation crops have responded extremely well to application of Panchakavya.
  • Earth worms grow faster and produced more Vermi compost when treated with this solution.
  • When sprayed with Panchakavya the plants produce larger leaves and develop a denser canopy. The stem produces lateral shoots and sturdy branches to bear heavy yields.
  • The rooting is profuse and penetrates rates deeper, helping the plants with stand drought condition. Roots helps in better in take of nutrients and water.
Last modified: Tuesday, 2 August 2011, 11:09 AM