After cultivation


  • Thining: Removal of excess plants from each hill leaving one healthy plant.
  • Gap Filling: Some of the sown seeds may not germinate resulting in gaps, such gaps are filled with fresh sowing in order to maintain the required plant density.

  • Weed: A plant growing where it is not desired are considered weeds, when they interfere with the activities of man or his welfare. In simple sense, weeds are plant out of place.
  • Weeding: Removal of weed either by hand or by using of tools or killing their seeds by use of chemicals (weedicides).
  • Hoeing: Stirring or scraping the surface soil with tools is called as hoeing (mostly in order to remove weeds).

  • Roguing: Removal of plants or variety admixed with other variety of the same crop. (eg.) In a field where rice IR. 50 is raised,  if some other variety like IR 20 is found growing in the same field, the other rice variety, IR. 20 is  called rogue. This practice is adopted in seed production to maintain seed purity.
  • Earthing up: Supporting the plant hill with addition of soil to form a strong hold. This facilitates better anchorage to plants.
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