Plant protection


  • Pesticide: Chemicals used to control different insect pests. Pesticides are available in the form of dusts, sprays or granules. (Click here to view the commonly used sprayers viz., Ganesh sprayer, Bakpak sprayer and Hand compression sprayer
  • Fungicides: Chemical compounds used for the control of plant crop diseases.They are available as dusts or wettable powders and sometimes in liquid forms.
  • Nematicide: Those chemical compounds used to control plant nematodes. They are available mostly as liquids, emulsions and granules.
  • Weed Control: The process of limiting weed infestations or killing weeds for aesthetic, economic, public health or other reasons.
  • Weedicide (or) Herbicide: A chemical used for killing unwanted plants which are severely intercepting the normal growth process of crop plants.
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