• Though  much  of today's  livestock  in  India  survives  on  crop  residues,  this  has  not  always  been  so.  Early  Aryans   cultivated  crops  in the forested  Gangetic  plains  and  herd their  animals,  on  grassy  areas or  in  the  forest. 
  • Nowadays little forest  is  left in those  Gangetic  plains.  In many of the villages in India, we have witnessed that  the animals are brought to far off places by the Herdsmen for the purpose of grazing during day times.
  • At the end of the day the animals will be again taken back to the place of rearing. Such practice meet the forage requirement of the animals to some extent. However, the same can not be continued for a longer period without any special care given to the  grazing resources.
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