Urea enrichment


Required inputs

  • Paddy straw: 100kg
  • Urea: 4kg
  • Clean water: 65 litres
  • Sprinkler

Steps in the preparation

  • For enrichment of 100 kg of paddy straw.
  • Dissolve 4 kg urea in 65 litres of water
  • Spread a polythene sheet/Gunny bag on the floor. Initially spread 5 kg of paddy straw in layers.
  • Using the sprinkler, sprinkle the prepared urea solution over the paddy straw ensuing that all the paddy straw is wet by it.
  • Similarly spread another layer of paddy straw over the first layer and repeat the sprinkling of urea solution.
  • Repeat the spreading and sprinkling for the entire 100 kg of paddy straw and heap it and cover the straw with polythene sheets to prevent the escape of ammonia liberated from urea. This step facilitates the breakage of lignocellulose bond by ammonia thereby releasing cellulose from lignin bondage for easy digestion and more utilisation.
  • After 21 days the urea treated paddy straw is ready for feeding.
  • The urea enriched paddy straw, may be left in the open for 5 minutes prior to feeding in order to remove the pungent odour of urea.
  • It is advisable to feed the urea treated Paddy Straw for calves above 6 months of age

Advantages of urea treatment

  • Total digestible nutrients (TDN) increased from 45 to 60%.
  • Crude Protein (CP) increased from 2% to 10%.
  • Palatability increased therefore feed intake increases.

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