Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Fat Rich Dairy Products

Lesson 1. Status of lipids in milk.

Lesson 2. Types of fat rich dairy products.

Module 2: Production of Cream

Lesson 3. Classification, standards, and composition of cream.

Lesson 4. Principles and methods of cream separation.

Lesson 5. Construction of cream separator.

Lesson 6. Factors affecting skimming efficiency and richness of cream.

Module 3: Processing of cream

Lesson 7. Standardization of cream.

Lesson 8. Pasteurizations of cream.

Lesson 9. Cooling of cream.

Module 4: Consumer cream products

Lesson 10. Table cream, sterilized cream and whipped cream.

Lesson 11. Clotted cream, frozen cream, cultured cream etc.

Lesson 12. Other consumer cream products.

Module 5: Quality and preservation of cream

Lesson 13. Packaging and storage of cream.

Lesson 14. Quality of cream.

Lesson 15. Grading of cream.

Module 6: Regulatory aspects of Butter

Lesson 16. FSSRAI definition, BIS specification and Codex requirements.

Lesson 17. Composition and classification of butter.

Module 7: Butter-making process

Lesson 18. Process outlines of butter making.

Lesson 19. Churning of cream.

Lesson 20. Use of breakwater and other factors influencing fat losses in buttermilk.

Lesson 21. Addition of colour & salting of butter.

Lesson 22. Butter moisture control and working of butter.

Lesson 23. Continuous butter making.

Lesson 24. Packaging, storage and distribution of butter.

Module 8: Quality of butter

Lesson 25. Grading of butter.

Lesson 26. Rheology of butter.

Lesson 27. Microbiological aspects of butter.

Lesson 28. Butter Defects.

Module 9: Butter making equipment

Lesson 29. History of butter churn development, construction, operation and sanitary care.

Module 10: Special butter and related products

Lesson 30.Whipped butter, whey butter flavoured butter.

Lesson 31. Fractionation of milk fat.

Lesson 32.Fat spreads.

Lesson 33. Margarine Production.

Module 11: Ghee and butteroil

Lesson 34. Ghee definition, standards and composition.

Lesson 35. Methods of ghee preparation.

Lesson 36. Quality and grading of ghee.

Lesson 37. Packaging and storage of ghee.

Lesson 38. Butteroil.

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