Pressure cooking

Pressure cooking
  • A relatively small increase in temperature can drastically reduce cooking time and this fact is utilized in pressure cooker.
  • In pressure cooking, escaping steam is trapped and kept under pressure so that the temperature of the boiling water and steam can be raised above 100oC and reduce cooking time.
Pressure cooking
  1. It takes less time to cook.
  2. Different items may be cooked at the same time.
  3. Fuel is saved.
  4. Requires less attention.
  5. Nutrient or flavour loss may be less.
  6. Food is cooked thoroughly by this method.
  7. There is an indication for the completion of cooking.
  8. There is less chances for scorching or burning.
  1. Thorough knowledge of using the equipment is required.
  2. There may be mixing of flavours.
  3. Foods may be undesirably soft.
  4. Foods cooked in pressure cooker are rice, dhal, vegetables and meat.

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