Combination of cooking methods

Combination of cooking methods

    Braising: Braising is a combined method of roasting and stewing in a pan with a tight fitting lid. The meat should be sealed by browning on all sides and then placed on a lightly fried bed of root vegetables. Stock or gravy is added to 2/3 of the meat. Flavourings and seasonings are added and allowed to cook gently.
    Many food preparations are made by not only single method but by a combination of cooking methods.

    Microwave cooking : In microwave cooking heat is generated within the food and the dramatic reduction in cooking time is the main advantage of this method of cooking.

    Combination of cooking method
    Microwave cooking
    The essential component of a microwave oven is a magnetron which converts electrical energy into microwave energy.
    The microwaves can be absorbed, transmitted or reflected.
    They are reflected by metals and absorbed by food.
    When food is kept in the cavity of the microwave oven for cooking, the microwaves generated by the magnetron strike the food and the metal walls of the oven.
    Microwaves that strike the metal walls are reflected and bounced back so they disperse throughout the oven and accomplish uniform heating of the food.

    They cook many foods in about ┬╝th of the time necessary on a gas burner. There is no wastage of energy.
    It saves time in heating frozen foods. Thawing can be done in minutes or seconds.
    Only the food is heated during cooking. The oven or the utensil does not get heated except under prolonged heating periods.
    Flavour and texture do not change when reheated to a microwave oven.
    Loss of nutrients is minimized.
    After cooking in a microwave oven washing dishes is much easier as food does not stick to the sides of the vessels.
    Food gets cooked uniformly.
    Preserves the natural colour of vegetables and fruits.

    Due to short period of cooking, food does not become brown and crispness unless the microwave has a browning unit.
    It is not possible to make chapathi or tandoori rotis in it. It cannot cook soft or hard boiled eggs
    Deep frying cannot be done.
    The short cooking time may not give a chance of blending of flavours as in conventional methods.
    The operator should be careful in operating the microwave oven since any exposure to microwave oven causes physiological abnormalities.
    If the food is greater than 80mm the control portion is out of range of the microwave radiation will only heat by the normal slow process of conduction. It will be relatively uncooked while the extension accessible to microwave is cooked in minutes or seconds.
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