• Here the food gets cooked by hot air.
  • Foods baked are generally brown and crisp on the top, soft and porous in the centres, e.g. cakes, pudding and breads.
  • The principle involved in baking is the air inside the oven is heated by a source of heat either electricity (or) gas and wood in the case of tandoori.
  • The temperatures that normally maintained in the oven are 1200C – 260oC.
  • Foods prepared by baking are custards, pies, biscuits, pizzas, puffs, buns, bread, cakes, tandoori chicken, meat and fish.
  1. Flavour and texture are improved.
  2. Variety of dishes can be made.
  3. Uniform and bulk cooking can be achieved e.g. bun and bread.
  1. Special equipment and skill are required.
  2. Source of trans fat if hydrogenated fats are used.

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