Size and Type of Crate for Transport of Cats

  • The design of the cage mentioned in Rule 11 in Chapter II of Transport of Animals Rules, 1978 shall be as per the design as printed on page 8 on SI : 4746-1968 published by the Indian Standards Institution.

All dimensions in Centimetres
By rail/road/inland water way/sea/air







  B + 15

B + 10

    • Length - Tip of nose to root of tail (A)
    • Width - Width across the shoulders (D)
    • Height - Tip of ears to toe while standing (B)
    • Elbow Size - Toe to tip of elbow (C)
  • Note: Cages, cartons or crates, used to transport cats, shall be of such material which will not tear or crumble. They shall be well constructed, well ventilated and designed to protect the health of the cats by giving them adequate space and safety. It is essential that wire mesh should be nose and paw proof; suitable material is a welded wire mesh of not less 3 mm, with a spacing 12 x 12 nun. Expanded metal wire netting are unsuitable for this purpose. There should be no protruding nails or unprotected edges of wire. Cats Kennels in rail coaches shall be so placed as to give protection to cats from extremes of temperature and disturbance from birds and by giving them adequate space for health and safety.
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