• Rule 96: Issues of certificate before transportation
    • A valid certificate issued by an officer or any person or Animal Welfare Organisation duly recognised and authorised for this purpose by the Animal Welfare Board of India or the Central Government, shall be procured by any person making transport of any animal before transportation of such animal verifying that all the relevant Central and State Acts rules and orders pertaining to the said animal including the rules relating to transport of such animals have been duly complied with and that the animals are not being transported for any purpose contrary to the provision of any law.
    • In the absence of such certificate, the carrier shall refuse to accept the consignment for transport.
  • Rule 97: Cancellation of permit or authorisation for transport
    • In the event of contravention or non-compliance of any of the rules contained in these rule for transport of animals, if it is pointed out in writing by any officer or person or Animal Welfare Organisations authorised for the purpose by the Animals Welfare Board of India or the Central Government, then, any permit or authorisation issued for such transport shall be immediately cancelled by the concerned authority and It shall be the duty of the police to stop further transport even from the intermediate station and proceed against the said offenders and deal With the animals in accordance with law;
    • The custody of the animals immediately after unloading from the rail wagons, truck or any other vehicle shall be given to the authorised Animal Welfare Organisation if available, till the competent authority or the magistrate having jurisdiction decides about their care and upkeep.
  • Rule 98: General conditions of transport
    • Animals to be transported shall be healthy and in good condition and such animals shall be examined by the veterinary doctor for freedom from infectious diseases and their fitness to undertake the journey; provided that the nature and duration ofthe proposed journey shall be taken into account while deciding upon fitness.
    • An animal which is unfit for transport shall not be transported and the animals who are new born, diseased, blind, emaciated, lame, fatigued or having given birth during the preceding seventy two hours or likely to give birth during transport shall not be transported.
    • Very young animals shall not be mixed with other animals during transport.
    • Different classes of animals shall be kept separately during transport.
    • Diseased animals, whenever transported for treatment, shall not be mixed with other animals.
    • Troublesome animals shall be given tranquilisers before loading for transport.
    • Animals shall be transported in their on-farm social groups (established at least one week prior to journey).
  • In the said rules, after Schedule J, the following Schedule shall be inserted, namely:
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