Proforma for certificate for fitness to travel Pigs

(This certificate should be completed and signed by a veterinary doctor) Date and time of

Examination ____________________________________ of

Species of Animals _______________________________________

Number of Animals, ________________________________________

Sex _____________________________ Age ________________

I hereby certify that I have read Rules 86 to 95 in Chapter VIII of the Transport of Animal Rules, 1978.

  • That at the request of( consignor) 12 hours before their departure I examined the above mentioned animals
  • That each appeared to be in a fit condition to travel by rail/road/sea and is not showing any signs of any infectious or contagious or parasitic disease (s) and that it has been vaccinated against any infectious or contagious disease (s)
  • That the animals were adequately fed and watered for the purpose of the journey.
  • That the animals have been vaccinated
    • Types of vaccine (s)
    • Date of vaccination

Signature ______________________

Address _______________________

Qualification _____________________

Date _________________________

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