Rules for PM Examination


  • To be done by written order from the police officer or the Executive Magistrate.
  • Carefully read the police report first.
  • Examination to be done in day light. (Before sunset / after sunrise).
  • Examination to be thorough and complete.
  • All the details to be noted in the PM reports on the spot of the PM examination.
  • The notes and the report to be sent to the Court must tally with each other (Police and owner).
  • Should have fair knowledge of the normal and pathological appearance of viscera.
  • Time and date of arrival of carcass to be noted.
  • No unnecessary delay in conducting PM.
  • No unauthorised person should be allowed to be present at the time of PM except investigating police officer.
Last modified: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, 9:08 AM