• Place the carcass on its back on the table (supine position).
  • Incisions are made to drop the limbs horizontally.
  • Remove a strip of the ventral body wall from chin to the pubis regions.
  • At sternal incisions passing through the costal cartilages.
  • The anterior end of the sternal is raised with the left hand so that the heart in not cut.
  • Ventral abdominal wall in incised and left to the pubis.
  • Thoracic cavity by breaking ribs.
  • Thoracic organs removed.
  • First remove the spleen and omentum.
  • Push the intestines left side inorder to examine rectum.
  • Cut the oesophagus posterior to diaphragm.
  • Liver, stomach and intestines removed together.
  • Remove adrenal glands before kidneys.
  • Kidney by tearing its peritoneal covering.
  • Seminal vesicles and other accessory organs in boar.
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