PM – artifacts Classification


Putrefaction: kept under sunlight < 2 hour - severe decomposition takes place.

  • Example
    • Distension of abdomen, and thorax
    • Profusion of tongue
    • Buldging of eye balls.
    • Swelling of lips, nose, eyelids, vulvar lips, udder etc.
    • Presence of sero sanguineous fluid in and around.
    • Mouth, nose, vulvar opening etc.
    • PM – vomition of ruminal contents
    • PM – defecation and urination

Environmental artifacts

  • Postmortem burning: unusual places affected, no tissue reaction.
  • Post – mortem corrosion: Acids, caustic soda, industrial effluent etc. and seen on body surface touching ground.
  • PM – maceration: Prolonged physical contact of the body parts and bones with water, mud, etc.

Third party artifacts

  • Birds ants, flies, etc - Ears, eyes, nose, mouth, anus, vulva, udder.
    • Example
      • Haematoma around jugular vein, sub-cutaneous fluid accumulation at the sites of injection, laceration and obstetrical handling marks in urogenital tract, rumen puncture wound etc. are some of the marks left after emergency treatment.
  • Deliberate mutilation of body – to mask the identify of the animal.
    • Example
      • Cutting ear bearing tattoo mark / tag.
      • Cutting of tail.
      • Damage of scar mark etc.


  • Dragging marks on the lower surface of the body.
  • Rope marks on the fetlock region around horns, neck etc.
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