Procedure for PM Examination


External examination

  • Note the general condition of the carcass.
  • Note the species age, bread and sex of the animal.
  • Examine the body surface for injuries, burns, swellings etc.
  • Look for the discharge form the natural orifices.
  • Examine the visible mucous membranes.
  • Examine the external genitalia.
  • All bone for fracture and joint dislocation.

Internal Examination

  • Necropsy procedure: Equine
  • Place the horse on the right side down.
  • Make an incision through skin in the ventral medicine line form chin to anus dorsolaterally around the mammary glands or penis.
  • Skin of the left side of neck, thorax and abdomen is reflected.
  • Left fore and hind limbs are severed by cutting all muscles and attachments
  • Finish skinning thorax and abdomen to the top of the spinous process of the vertebrae
  • Incise midline form xiphoid to pubis and pubis to lumbar region through abdominal wall.
  • Pull upward and forward the large flab of abdominal wall and cut diaphragm dorso-ventrally close to its attachments
  • Abdominal viscera are removed in the following order.
      • Great colon and caecum.
      • Left kidney
      • Left adrenal
      • The small colon
      • The small intestines
      • Liver
      • Right kidney
      • Right adrenal
      • The stomach
  • Thoracic cavity – by cutting ribs along their ventral ends form thoracic inlet to last rib.
  • Remove the thoracic organs by cutting oesophagus, trachea and other attachments lift the heart and lungs out.
  • Cut the symphysis of pubis. Examine - genital organs, rectum and urinary bladder.
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