Functions and deficiency symptoms of Mn

Functions and deficiency symptoms of Mn

  • It is absorbed by plants as Mn2+ form from the soil. It is translocated to the different plant parts where it is most needed.


      1. Involved in oxidation-reduction reactions and electron transport in photosystem II
      2. It is directly or indirectly involved in chloroplast formation and their multiplication.
      3. It activates large number of enzymes and acts as a co-factor and catalyses most of the enzymes
      4. It helps in movement of Iron.

    Deficiency symptoms:

      1. Interveinal chlorosis on old leaves similar to Iron chlorosis.
      2. Speckled yellow of sugarbeet-leaves develop interveinal yellowish green chlorotic mottling and leaf margins role upwards.
      3. Depresses inflorescence and fructification and results in stunted leaf and root development.
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