Functions and deficiency symptoms of Molybdenum

Functions and deficiency symptoms of Molybdenum

  • Required by plants in small quantity, plant absorb as MoO42- form. It is structural components of Nitrogenase enzyme and constituent of nitrate reductase.


      1. Essential role in iron absorption and translocation in plants, protein synthesis and N- Fixation in legumes.
      2. Brings oxidation and reduction reactions especially in the reduction of NO3 to NH4.
      3. It acts as a bridge or link in transferring electrons.
      4. Role in phosphate system and ascorbic acid synthesis.


      1. Reddish or purplish discoloration of leaves, chlorosis and marginal necrosis of leaves.
      2. Marginal scorching and rolling or cupping of leaves, “Yellow spot” disease of citrus and “Whiptail” in cauliflower is commonly associated.
      3. NO3 accumulation in plants thus inhibits the utilization of N for protein synthesis.
      Mo Deficiency (Bright yellow mottling between veins; leaves wither, curl and margins collapse; leaves distorted and narrow; older leaves affecter first. Rare deficiency).
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