Functions and deficiency symptoms of Cu

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  • b. Functions and deficiency symptoms of Cu 3. Copper (Cu): Minute quantities of copper are necessary for normal growth of plants. Copper salts are poisonous even in exceedingly small concentrations. It is absorbed as cupric ion (Cu2+). Its function is almost similar to those of Fe. It is immobile element in plants.


      1. It acts as electron carriers in enzymes which bring about oxidation-reduction reaction in plants.
      2. Helps in utilization of iron in chlorophyll synthesis.
      3. Influence on cell wall permeability and nitrate reduction.
      4. Play a role in the biosynthesis & activity of ethylene in ripening fruit.
      5. Promote the formation of vitamin-A in plants.
      6. Influence on pollen formation & fertilization.


      1. Narrow, twisted leaves and pale white tips. interveinal chlorotic mottling of leaves.
      2. In fruit trees “die-back” (terminal bud wither and die) is most common.
      3. It affects fruit formation much more than vegetative growth.
      4. The critical stage of Cu deficiency induces pollen sterility in microsporogenesis.
      5. Reduced fruit set and number of flowers.
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