Nutritional Management

Nutritional management

    • About 30 tonnes of FYM/ha/year, along with 500:140:560 kg NPK/hectare for 42,000 plants/ha whereas 600:200:600 kg NPK for 64000 pl/ha.
    • Fertilizers should be applied at 3 months after planting in 4 split intervals. Foliar application of N (2-4%) is practiced.
    Micronutrients deficiency
    • Iron, Zinc and copper deficiency are common in pineapple, the deficiencies can be corrected by spraying FeSo4 (3 per cent), Zn So4 (1 per cent) as foliar spray.
    • Copper deficiency can be corrected by drenching Cuso4 (1.5-2 per cent) at 30-50 ml per plant.

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