Physiological Disorders

Physiological disorders

    Sunscald: The cells under the fruit skin of exposed surface to sunrays get damaged; care should be taken to control lodging and fruit should be covered with dry straw or its own leaves during April- May.
    Fasciation and multiple crowns: Multiple crown may occur due to genetical factor as well as due to soil and environmental reasons. It is also due to excess Nitrogen. Fruits gets flattened and fascinated. In fertile virgin soil of warm areas, more abnormal fruits occur as compared to less fertile soil.
    Black heart: It is also known as endogenous brown spot or internal browning, formation of brown spots at the base of fruitlets and further black discoloration of the centre core. Low temperature or exogenous application of GA3 can induce this disorder. Fruits exposed to high temperature (400C) for 24 hours reduces black heart in cold stored pineapple.

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