Flowering and Weed control

Flowering and weed control

    • A pineapple plant generally attains flowering stage 11-12 months after planting by which time the plant should have produced atleast 40 leaves.
    • Irregular flowering behavior is one of its major drawback.
    • Flowering is not uniform in pineapple, to induce good and uniform flowering the following measures are to be taken, spraying of NAA 100-200 ppm ie.
    • Pouring of 50 ml solution in to the center ( heart ) of plant to induce good flowering. Also, ethrel at 25ppm combining with Urea (2%) and sodium carbonate (0.04%) to induce good flowering.
    • These application has to be done, when the plants have 35-40 functional leaves and a clear sunny days (one year old plants).
    • Staggered planting to get fruits throughout the year, the plants generally gives out the inflorescence in 12-13 months after planting (Feb-April).
    • Fruit takes 41/2-51/2 months from set to harvest (June –Aug).

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