Species and Cultivars

Species and cultivars

    Species: The important species of genus Garcinia. spp are.
    • G. mangostana is only cultivated plant and may be allopolyploid hybrid, between G hombroniana (2n=48) and G. malaccensis (2n=42).
    • G. cowa- available in the tropical forests of Assam, Bengal, Orissa and Andaman, Fruits are edible.
    • G. schomburgkiana- fruits are used as a preserve.
    • G. hanburyii- Gum resins used for aolouring.
    • G. xanthochymus fruits are edible young shoots & mature fruits as vegetables.
    • G. dulcis- Grown as a fruit tree in Southern part of Thailand.
    • G. indica Kokum found in tropical forests of India, gives acidic sweet fruits, mainly used as a souring agent for vegetable curry and dal.

    Garcinia xanthochymus
    G. hombroniana
    Garcinia hombroniana
    G. hanburyii
    Garcinia hanburyii
    G. mangostana
    Garcinia. mangostana
    G. cymosa
    Garcinia cymosa
    G. gardenaria
    Garcinia gardneria

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