Harvesting, storage and Yield

Harvesting, storage and yield

    • Fruits are picked at green mature stage; soft and dark red/purple patches on the skin of fruits, fruits are harvested with attached peduncle.
    • Seedling mangosteen plants require 7-8 years to bear while grafted plants starts bearing at the age of 4-5 years.
    • About 30-50 kg fruit can be obtained from well maintained orchards of 15th year onwards.
    • The plants yield upto 200-2000 fruits/tree or 20-25 kg/tree (4-5t/ha).
    • The presence of yellow dried latex oozed from the latex vessels on the fruit skin is known as Gamboge, it may be scrapped off.
    • Thick fruit wall hardens as the fruit ripens and the fruits are dipped in fungicides, and fruits can be stored at 8-10oC upto 8 weeks.

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