Botanical name.: Tamarindus indica, Linn.
    Family: Leguminosae; Sub. Fam: Caesalpinae
    Chromosome number: 2n = 24
    Origin: Tropical Africa
    • Tamarind is one of the most popular tree found cultivated throughout India as stray plantation or avenue, common crop in waste land, It is a good wind break. Though tamarind is very popular, its large scale production is not common. However, at several places its regular plantations are being initiated under Agro-forestry systems.
    • Tamarind is indigenous to tropical Africa and some part of South India. It is widely cultivated in tropical and Sub-tropical regions of the Africa, Asia and America. The tree is large 40-60 feet high, evergreen, but in hot and dry areas it sheds its leaves in April – May. India is the only country to exploit tamarind extensively. Annual production of pulp in India is over 3 lakh tones, of which 4,000 tonnes are exported to Europe and North America and the rest is locally consumed. Nearly 20,000 t. of tamarind seed powder is produced annually in India.

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