The Factors Responsible for Menu Planning

Lesson 03 : Food Menus

The Factors Responsible for Menu Planning

The factors responsible for menu planning can be broadly divided into two. They are

  1. Factors relating to the guests: Age, Sex, Occupation, Nutritional needs, Food preference
  2. Factors relating to food service management: Deals with type,service, No to be served, equipment availability, No of experienced employees, distribution of work,availability and seasonality of food budget.

Meal outside house is eaten in diversified places. Each food service is planned to meet the needs or demands of customer.

  • In food service institutes, it’s primary objective is selling
  • The common and major aid/ sales tool in selling food is the MENU
  • The menu should be an extension of the 3 policies of a food service institution i.e.
    • Marketing
    • Financial
    • Catering
  • Menu informs customers in a clear way of what is available to them which in turn gives satisfaction to the customer
  • Well planned and presented commercial menu makes it possible to plan for a profit
  • Aids in controlling the cost in non commercial institutes
  • Application of design, layout, typography and graphics can effectively complement the atmosphere and type of service and will be a useful sales medium.
  • Good menu assists customers by gaining their confidence and putting them at ease
  • Poor menu deterrent to sales ignorance and fear by the customer
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