Objectives in Meal planning

Lesson 03 : Food Menus

Objectives in Meal planning

Meals outside home is eaten in a diversified plans. Each is planned to meet the need of customer/clientele. Eating outside home is becoming more and more popular bacause of many reasons, one of which is women employment outside home, mashrooming of food joints of various type in land around, the anxiety to try new foods, unfamiliar to palette, the crave for eating different types of food in increasing among the young and middle age population.

Any place where food is served, may not be essentially cooked but served only is called a canteen, but it should ba a regular feature and not occasional, and this is referre to as canteen but purely temporary in nature. In a canteen same group may be served every day for example institutional/educational canteen. But in restaurant where different people are served foods. This group may be a heterogeneous type, but not homogeneous like in institutional canteen. Based on institution this objectives of different types of canteens differ .

The objective would be based on different factors which are

  1. Age groups
  2. Sex
  3. Type of work / activity
  4. Place of work or accessibility to the market or eating place
  5. People to be served
  6. Economic conditions
  7. Surrounding area

There are basic objective for any type of canteen. Which are common to any food eating outlets.

  1. To provide food which is clean and wholesome for the clintelle
  2. To provide a balanced food not only nutritious but balanced in variety. These two facts can be used in any type of canteens.
    To maintain the cost of food which is very reasonable and satisfying to the clintelle. In addition to general objective for each type of canteen there may be specific objective for each type of canteen.
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