Qualities of an Effective Food Buyer

Lesson 06 : Food Purchase

Qualities of an Effective Food Buyer

Food buyer plays an important role and responsibility of spending money on behalf of the institution.

  • High moral and ethical values, not obligated/influenced by the supplier.
  • Objectivity in judgement of quality offered in terms of price and service.
  • Loyalty to the institution, hard working and patience, alert to the seller’s psychology.
  • Skill in identifying markets, negotiating deals with suppliers and establishing good relations with people around.
  • Accepting food brands that are marked by standardizing agencies approving their quality such as BIS, FPO, AGMARK etc.

Responsibilities of a Food Buyer:

  • To keep records of all specifications for each type of dish on the menu
  • Ability to store food- enhances or maintains keeping quality.
  • Using perishable foods skillfully. Proper rotation of packaged foods
  • Formulating specifications for foods.
  • Requisition form from an authorized member of staff/storekeeper informing of low stock levels
  • Selection of source of supply
  • Entering into a contract with the supplier
  • Acceptance of goods ordered and adjustment of any discrepancies in quality and quantity of goods delivered
  • Transfer of commodities to the stores or cellar
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