Muscular and Skeletal Systems

Lesson 4 : Clinical Assessment of Nutritional Status

Muscular and Skeletal Systems

Gastrointestinal systems

Hepatomegaly : Enlargment of liver. Enlarged palable liver found in young children in many tropical regions. Appear to have mixed etiologies, including chronic malaria, malnutrition and may be due to migration of helminth larvae through the liver.

Nervous System

Psychomotor Change : Listlessness can occur at any age, but is most strikingly seen in severe protein-energy malnutrition of early childhood.
Mental Confusion : Clinical tests of the central nervous system may include sensory loss, motor weakness, loss of position sense, loss of vibration sense, loss of ankle or knee jerks, and calf tenderness.

Cardio Vascular System

Cardiac enlargement : The simplest test of value in survey work is an examination by palpation to assess the presence of cardiac enlargement.
Tachycardia : The resting pulse rate may be of value in a nutritional status survey, because tachycardia can occur in anemia, beriberi and certain probably nutritional cardiopathies.
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