Objectives of food preparation

Lesson 2 : Food Preparation

Objectives of food preparation

  1. Improves taste and food quality

  2. Destruction of micro-organisms

  3. Improves digestibility

  4. Adds variety in the diet
    • By cooking, some food can be made into different dishes.
    • For example rice can be made into plain pulav, lemon rice, biryani, or combination with pulses and idli.
    • Wheat can be made into chapattis, puri, paratha or halwa.

  5. Increases consumption of food
    • Cooking improves the texture and makes the food chewable. Improvement in texture and flavour by cooking increases the consumption of food to meet our nutritional requirement.

  6. Increases availability of nutrients

  7. Increases antioxidant value

  8. Cooking concentrates nutrients
    • Cooking concentrates nutrients by removing moisture or by using combination of foods or due to cooking procedures. Ex. Sweets.
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