Destruction of micro-organisms

Lesson 2 : Food Preparation

Destruction of micro-organisms

  1. Micro-organisms are present everywhere
  2. Some are useful in making curd, cheese and bread.
  3. Some are harmful and cause infections or produce toxins
  4. Ex. Clostridium botulism and Salmonella.

  5. Some moulds produce toxins.
      • Aspergillusflavus produces aflatoxin in groundnuts, cereals and spices and may cause health hazards.

Methods of protection of food against harmful microorganisms

  • One of the most important methods of protection of food against harmful micro-organisms is by the application of heat. Cooking food to the required temperature for a required length of time can destroy all harmful microorganisms in food .
  • Ex.Pasteurized milk.

  • Tapeworm or its larvae which infest pork can be killed by proper application of heat.
  • By cooking, food is made safe for consumption.
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