The Standard Combines the Following generally-Recognized key Elements

Food Standard and Quality Control

Lesson 29:Food Laws And Regulations

The Standard Combines the Following generally-Recognized key Elements

  • Requirements for good manufacturing practices or pre requisite programs
  • Requirements for HACCP according to the principles of the Codex Alimentarius
  • Requirements for a management system
  • Interactive communication between suppliers, customers, and regulatory authorities

The highlights of ISO22000 are

  • The establishment of prerequisite programs (PRPs), which define the basic conditions and activities needed to maintain a hygienic environment, both within the organization and throughout the food chain.
  • The identification and control of food safety hazards, and the determination of an acceptable level of risk
  • The establishment of a HACCP plan, including the identification and monitoring of critical control points: process steps at which controls can be applied to prevent or eliminate a food safety hazard, or reduce it to an acceptable level
  • The handling of potentially unsafe food products to ensure that they do not enter the food chain
  • The establishment of a food safety team responsible for tasks such as hazard analysis, selection of control measures, establishment of PRPs, and planning of internal audits .
  • The information and characteristics needed for both raw materials and end products to ensure that a proper hazard analysis can be conducted.
  • The establishment of a communications plan with external parties such as suppliers, customers, and regulatory authorities to ensure that food safety information is available to all.
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