Effects of line

Apparel Designing and Construction 3(1+2)

Effects of line

  1. The most effective aspect of line is its direction because it
    • leads the eye over the design
    • emphasizes the body
    • creates dominant illusions in dress
    • expresses different moods and emotions as follows:
      • vertical lines suggest firmness, stability and strength in garment.
      • horizontal lines convey quiet, repose, rest, passivity, calmness and serenity in garment.
      • diagonal lines seem unstable, busy, active, dynamic, restless and dramatic.
  2. The power of a mood depends on how line aspects are used. The communicative powers of line can be used to emphasize a message; a thick, solid, even and continuous line creates necessary impact and urgency.
  3. Numerous combinations of the aspects of line can occur and every distinction will make the entirely diverse effect. For example, by using a wavy and solid line of varied thickness, sharpness, and consistency, different psychological effects can be created in garments.

Structural and Decorative lines in garments

Different types of lines exist within any garment; contributed by different structural and decorative means. Broadly these lines can be classified in two groups as follows:

  • Silhouette line: refers to the outline/ outer shape forming boundaries in garments (Fig.4.6)
  • These are the most important lines as they convey the outline, or general shape andis formed by the structural components
  • These are visible even from distance in the very first view and creates the lasting impression
  • Interior line: refers to the lines that fall within boundaries in garments (Fig. 4.7)
  • These are also the important lines in apparel design with various functions as to create optical illusions, divide areas into shapes and spaces and develops rhythm in a design, causing an emotional response
  • Interior lines affects the physical and psychological composition of the wearer
  • These are formed by both structural and decorative components and are not visible even from distance in the very first view always

These two types of line combine to make a composite of the overall de­sign or style.

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